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Looking through the window… 

I don’t know why but looking out my window at night makes me really sad. I feel alone seeing all the different apartments with their blinds and curtains open and some light shining through. Some windows are a dark yellowish sight while others pitch black with the TV screen glowing and others are just dark. I can see the hallways of the buildings, a lonely yellow hallway with a an even lonelier staircase… What causes the sadness and loneliness,  I do not know but it certainly makes me think. The dark night sky,  the yellow yard lights and the building of apartments each filled with people relaxing,  from a busy day out. Everyone is busy in their lives.  Strangers to each other. 

Looking out the window, I feel myself become hollow. The sadness grasping me stronger and stronger into the loneliness of this strange world. Then I think to myself,  is there someone else looking out their window too?  Feeling what I feel?  Seeing what I see? Wishing to walk away yet unable to do so due to a strange attraction? And I wonder what does this all mean?  I think of God. I think of His creations. And I think of death. I don’t know why but it feels like death.  

One day when I die that’s how it will be empty,  dark and hollow.  With no one by my side.  I could perhaps look at others but no one could see me.