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Hello world!! 

Soooooo  😀 I have no words for my laziness or what I’d rather call my busy-ness 😜 I just leave after posting a couple of posts and return months later.  But hopefully not anymore (who am I kidding), I got my new phone and will finally be able to blog from My cell phone.  So Yayyy!!!  Who’s ready for  some “mariam’s dairies” hmm?  It’s time to get the party startedstarted!…. Again… 


Soooo 😛 Once again i’m here after such a long time, but I’m gonna  try my best to stay regular. Unlike before….

The actual problem is that I’d like to post from my cell but the app doesn’t post my stuff. I’ve switched like 2-3 mobiles but it just doesn’t post from there. Hence causing me to post only when i’m on from the laptop, which isn’t that often. I wish the app could work, then It’d be raining posts…. Hallelujah!! BUT sadly it doesn’t….. back to reality Mariam. Anyhow I will be taking time out everyday if not then at least 3 times a week. What sucks even more is I lost my followers because of my absence 😥

But yeah I guess I deserved that.

Let’s get physical  REGULAR , OH OH!!