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Smash Wallet

Heyyy ya’ll! So I’m here to share an ongoing project of mine, the smash wallet. It’s a really neat idea and I love it. Like a smash book but a little bit more fun. It has pockets to stash some journaling in or to put in letters . But i’m not done with it so just sharing a few pics and then I’ll even put up a tutorial when I’m done.

  The designer cardstock  paper is “specialty cardstock”  from mambi (me and my big ideas) 


Eeep!! Custom handmade keychain

So I made a Keychain today with my name that I designed a couple months back when I started word art and lettering. I mean just look at the details inside.  Super fine and they look so precious and beautiful. 

It’s a part of my “Artifyi Me” arts line. I will post more of the products offered in this line.  Be sure to check them out 🙂  you can get yours custom made for a reasonable price. 

Handmade personalized Keychain by Artifyi Me! 

For orders or more details please send me a message or contact artifyi me! 

Blogging like never before! 

A thought just occurred to me.  

Why don’t I share all the activities and arts and crafts that I’ve been doing,  here!!?  

Haha I’m so crazy! Why didn’t I think of this before? The blog has been completely out of my mind (well not truly,  I mean I remembered it but I thought of it more as in something I left or something only for writing professional things).  But not anymore!  I’m gonna blog like I’ve never blogged before. Hopefully 😀.  So get ready ya’ll…..  


  •  Arts and crafts tutorials 
  • New arts and crafts projects 
  • Journaling flip through and layout tutorials 
  • Journaling and writing tips and prompts 
  • Some art pieces of mine (doodles,  sketches, paintings etc) 
  • Also a review and Journaling post about my most recent trip! (where? That’s a surprise! 😺

    Smash Folio!!!

    So I recently received a smash folio as a gift from My brother and I LOVE IT! ❤ ❤ I really like all the cool accessories, the list pad and stickers are wonderful. And the printed tape, can’t forget that. Anyways, even though I’m really crazy about scrapbooking and almost everything related to arts, I can’t seem to figure out what I should do with this. I mean I have decided that after the about me page the rest will be for special events or adventures I go on. But I’m not sure about what I should do on the about me page, like the designs or theme… I do have some ideas but some more would help.If any of you have a suggestion or an idea please post it in the comments below. Will be really appreciated.

    IMG_20140530_124814P.S. a little wallet smash folio was also included, but I have no idea what to do with that :/