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Blogging like never before! 

A thought just occurred to me.  

Why don’t I share all the activities and arts and crafts that I’ve been doing,  here!!?  

Haha I’m so crazy! Why didn’t I think of this before? The blog has been completely out of my mind (well not truly,  I mean I remembered it but I thought of it more as in something I left or something only for writing professional things).  But not anymore!  I’m gonna blog like I’ve never blogged before. Hopefully 😀.  So get ready ya’ll…..  


  •  Arts and crafts tutorials 
  • New arts and crafts projects 
  • Journaling flip through and layout tutorials 
  • Journaling and writing tips and prompts 
  • Some art pieces of mine (doodles,  sketches, paintings etc) 
  • Also a review and Journaling post about my most recent trip! (where? That’s a surprise! 😺


    Meet LULU & MAX ðŸ¦

    Hey Ya’ll!! I thought I’d dedicate a post to my newest pets (and the cutest….well they’re in a tie with hico)

    My new cockatiels Lulu (left) and Max(right) 

    Meet max and lulu 😍 #cockateils #newpets #herebirdiebirdie #mashallah #sopretty

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    They’re so beautiful especially the blushed cheeks

    Got them on 9th September ;7 months old and untrained. But they have been easy to train…. so far.