Eeep!! Custom handmade keychain

So I made a Keychain today with my name that I designed a couple months back when I started word art and lettering. I mean just look at the details inside.  Super fine and they look so precious and beautiful. 

It’s a part of my “Artifyi Me” arts line. I will post more of the products offered in this line.  Be sure to check them out πŸ™‚  you can get yours custom made for a reasonable price. 

Handmade personalized Keychain by Artifyi Me! 

For orders or more details please send me a message or contact artifyi me! 


19 thoughts on “Eeep!! Custom handmade keychain

      1. Oh sure, I am creating a new blog for it separately. So I will share the link with you when it’s complete and I will also be sharing my work here too. It’s a small business, that I’m doing on my own. You should check out the other products too and give feedback too if possible πŸ™‚

      2. I am sorry for a late response.
        But, I am a lot interested in your products and can’t wait to see them.
        Hand made arts had always fantasized me. I have been an artist myself. So yeah, I’ll be trying upon giving you the most honest reviews perchance.
        Just notify me when you’re finished.

      3. I dropped you a mail at
        You can share the link there.

        I had done Typography. Like texts of my own fonts with color pens.
        I even had a hand on glitters too when I was at school.
        But, between all this while, everything is long gone into the past.
        I wish I could resume it at some point in my life when I won’t be as much occupied as I am now.

  1. Yea received. Insha’Allah will respond in a while. Ohh wow niice. I do it too. But I call it lettering. With different pens and markers. You should check them out on my Instagram. I have been so inactive on the blog and haven’t posted all the activities of mine. I’m so stupid. I didn’t realize that this is a great platform for those. πŸ˜€

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